Invitation (Part 2)

Why Cohort Alpha Will Transform You and Your Career

The “Reptilian Economy” Changes the Rules for Your Career


What is the Reptilian Economy?

A subset of companies are genetically different from other, traditional companies.
Many of them you have heard of: Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Snowflake, Facebook, and Google are all well-known examples.
But chances are, if you’re reading this, either you’re working for a lesser-known reptilian company, or you’re seeking to work for one.
In a nutshell, these companies are faster, bigger, more aggressive, more dynamic, than companies of the past.

Our Mission is to Increase Diversity and Cultural Health at Scaling Tech Companies.
We do this by equipping high-potential/low-political employees with the research-based frameworks, relevant networks, and confidential assessments designed to help you to win in the “Reptilian Economy.”

Why the Reptilian Economy Creates New Challenges

Start ups, unicorns, and innovators have a different DNA from other businesses.
Their fast pace, large market opportunities, and internal dynamics contribute to a new set of workplace challenges which break conventional career advice.

Unmatched Pressure

VC-backed companies operate under extreme pressure to hit ambitious, sometimes arbitrary, milestones. Yesterday.

Unprepared Leaders

Whether it’s a first-time founder who has never managed people to a rapidly promoted newbie, lack of certain skills can create a tough environment.

Unhealthy Psychology

Research shows this combination of pressure, money, and inexperience attracts sociopaths and blamers who can make your life miserable.

High-Speed Ambiguity

Start ups and fast-growth industries combine velocity with ambiguity, which creates new paradigms of leadership and self-management.

There's a better way. Based on research.

Cohort Alpha is an invite-only, curriculum-based, board of advisors to help you expand your network, your career opportunities, and your growth prospects.

Uncover New Career Opportunities

Regular contact in a safe space outside of work with people who share the same context as you will provide better job prospects.

Vent Safely to Avoid Pitfalls and Navigate Bumps

Safe, confidential, and content-rich discussion with your peers around your specific situation gives you a safe place to get real support and advice.

Accelerate Your Career with Frameworks

Office dynamics are complex, multi-dimensional chess games based on unspoken rules. Frameworks based on systems theory give you an edge.

What is Cohort Alpha?


Online Course Based on Research for the New Reality

Our research-based content is made available in short, accessible formats to accommodate your busy, on-the-go schedule.
Most people operate from "conventional wisdom" -- career advice centered around focusing on working hard, finding a "mentor," and other common sense which will not help set you apart.  
And this advice may actually harm your career.

Live, Remote, Guided Sessions with Hand Picked Peers

Connecting in a safe space with other high-potentials working at fast-growing companies helps you solve real problems at work. Expand your network for good ideas or emerging opportunities to ensure that your market value continues to grow.


Unlock Your Potential with New Thinking

Research into those with rocket ship careers shows that they aren’t smarter or more skilled. In fact, a segment of those successful employees have less skills, knowledge and training.
What’s different? The way they think about their career, relationships, and work.