Your Invitation

Cohort Alpha: the invite-only membership for scaling your career

Why You?

Someone who is a part of Cohort Alpha invited you. You will learn more about Cohort Alpha shortly.  
But, first, why were you invited?

You Work for a Rocket

Working for a fast-growing company in tech is one of our primary criteria that signals a high-potential career.

You’re a Cross-Team’er

Certain roles have to work across teams. Instead of operating a silo, single-player mode, you likely work across teams.

You Have Untapped Potential

Having worked with and been advised by those who have had a rocket ship career, we have educated insight / guesses into those not yet fully leveraging their potential.

You Have Strong Education

You have training, education, or work experience with credible and prestigious pedigree.  

Our Mission

Increase Diversity and Improve Workplace Cultures by Empowering High-Potential Employees (just like you) with “Power” Skills

Overcome hidden forces that cause your career to plateau or fill you with stress and discontent

Navigate politics without becoming a politician

Accelerate Promotions

Get promoted quickly and effortlessly despite being in a highly competitive environment.

Increase Compensation

Create demand and get rewarded with compensation that makes you appreciated and valued.

Engage in Healthy Ways

Instead of getting burned out, meet the growing demands with full engagement and without unnecessary stress.

Experience Fulfillment 

Instead of feeling drained and dread, tap into your strengths and values to create work that matters.

What Gets In Your Way?

In research by Stanford Graduate School of Business, some highly trained students, years later, saw that there career consisted of laterals, plateaus or sidelines.
We believe things have changed where conventional career advice no longer works.
The source of the barriers to career growth: the “Reptilian Economy”


Your Scaling Tech Company is a Rapidly Mutating Beast

The rise of a new and different class of business has created a new set of office and workplace stresses and challenges.

Companies are growing faster than before.
Valuations and multiples are soaring.
New business models and new high-velocity entrants are disrupting traditional industries with explosive power.
As a result, the company you work for is different from what it once was six-months ago. And your current company will be different six-months from now!
If you don’t have a framework to uncover these changing currents running beneath the surface, you can get swept away to sea.

Your risks from failing to address these now

If you're operating under the old rules, thinking in outdated ways based on legacy company practices, you’re at risk for:

money and passive income icon set

Lost Income

Even just one month of unemployment, loss of stock options, or missed promotion can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Damaged Health

Stress, loss of control, even disengagement directly impacts your health, quality of sleep, and longevity.

Wasted Time

Every day spent in a bad working environment is a wasted day of distraction from your life.

Stolen Mojo

Bad situations can kill your spirit, break your self-image, and burden you will baggage and self-doubt.

Why Conventional Wisdom Breaks

Typical Career Advice is Not Just Obsolete. It May Hurt You.

You may have gotten the same old career advice or coaching, hearing the same things we heard before we realized they were peddling outdated and limited perspectives about work.
”Work hard. Network with others. Communicate well.”  
After spending a few years in a coaching program which gave this type of advice, my situation actually got worse!
The coach’s response: “Sometimes you get in tough situations. But it has always worked for me.”
She worked for decades at much bigger, older, legacy organizations that didn’t need to scale or disrupt (in fact, the technology company she uses for examples is shrinking because it doesn’t have the New DNA of today’s scaling companies).
Because today’s businesses as genetically different from those non-scaling businesses of old, chances are you are using an outdated playbook to define how you show up at work.
Just a decade ago, no one could have imagined a company like Amazon, Facebook, or even an Uber.
These same companies have a raft of publicly known bad behaviors that create difficult environments for their employees.
But those aren’t the exceptions. They are the rule.
All scaling companies will face some kind of breakage, and that internal dynamic can either help you or hurt you.

Cohort Alpha helps you thrive in this new world.

Concise, Actionable Content Based on Research


What is Cohort Alpha?

An invitation-only tribe of diverse, high-performers learning the hidden and unspoken pathways to faster career success, lower stress, and higher fulfillment.


Members of Cohort Alpha meet in live, confidential Sessions that have short, research-based content that frames real-world workplace issues.  

  • Research-based, actionable insights, frameworks, and quick wins

  • Coaching that enables new perspectives and change that yields tangible results

  • Network of high-performers who provide support, intel, and accountability.

What is it worth?

Additional income from earlier promotion per month: $10k

Accelerating your promotion directly impacts your bottom line. Companies typically promote on a regular cycle (and often start-ups don’t have even that!), but equipping yourself to be on the right cadence takes doing and saying the right things. This might be one of the hardest things you need to position and advocate on your behalf.  
What’s your estimate of how much sooner you could ask for the promotion you have earned?

Value of reducing stress working at the office per month: $5k

You may continue to stay at your company, but proactively mitigating interpersonal or systemic stress has its own value.
Perhaps you’re not feeling alone in how to handle a difficult situation. Or you avoid getting into a political situation where you’re always watching over your shoulder or feeling credit taken from you. Unnecessary stress can steal your joy and add to your workload (its like having a second job managing relationships or expectations that have gone bad!)

Value of reducing likelihood of being pushed out or laid off: $20k

If you haven’t experienced a “bad situation” at work, whether from interpersonal relationships or economic realities (or both!), you could experience an unexpected state of unemployment. While the economy may be strong now, building the skills, network, and relationships to increase your ”indispensability” at work can protect you.
One way to put an estimate for this is the amount of lost income times the duration of being out of work (be conservative, the hiring boom can only last for so long!)


(equivalent to $99/month and often reimbursable)

    Live Peer Session once a month
    Online, anytime access to videos
    Private online community for on-going support