Scale Your Career

Navigate Work with Your Personal and Private Mafia Board of Directors

Hard Work and Mad Skills Only Get You So Far

Challenges Everyone Faces Sooner Or Later

Office Politics

All the free snacks and pool tables won’t shield you from office politics

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Stalled Career

Whether it’s been a recurring pattern or a bump in the road “stuck happens”

Stressful Burnout

Pressure, overwork, and chaos can suck peace and joy out of your life

Why Tech Creates New Challenges

Startups, innovations, and unicorns create a different set of challenges and rewards

Unmatched Pressure

VC-backed companies operate under extreme pressure to hit ambitious, sometimes arbitrary, milestones. Yesterday.

Unprepared Leaders

Whether it’s a first-time founder who has never managed people to a rapidly promoted newbie, lack of skills can create a tough environment.

Unhealthy Psychology

Research shows this combination of pressure, money, and inexperience attracts sociopaths and blamers who can make your life miserable.

High-Speed Ambiguity

Start ups and fast-growth industries combine velocity with ambiguity, which creates new paradigms of leadership and self-management.

Your costs from failing to address these now

Things seem great, you're highly skilled, well-trained, so why invest in your career learning "soft" skills?  
Because things always seem great until they're not. A small investment now can prevent losses that can be hard to recover from.

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Lost Income

Even just one month of unemployment, loss of stock options, or missed promotion can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Damaged Health

Stress, loss of control, even disengagement directly impacts your health, quality of sleep, and longevity.

Wasted Time

Every day spent in a bad working environment is a wasted day of distraction from your life.

Stolen Mojo

Bad situations can kill your spirit, break your self-image, and burden you will baggage and self-doubt.

How the Successful Thrive

Despite these challenges, some people appear to have instinctively unlocked the keys to fulfilling work. You can, too.

Get Promoted Fast

Get promoted quickly and effortlessly despite being in a highly competitive environment.

Be Well Compensated

Create demand and get rewarded with compensation that makes you appreciated and valued.

Engage in Healthy Ways

Instead of getting burned out, meet the growing demands with full engagement and without unnecessary stress.

Experience Fulfillment 

Instead of feeling drained and dread, tap into your strengths and values to create work that matters.

Keys To Success

What are the key elements that are missing from most people's lives that can make the difference?

Real Connections

Having a group of peers you connect with regularly outside of work, but knowledgeable about your kind of work, gives you far greater resilience and insight.

Research-Based Content

Instead of just common-sense advice, learn strategies and insights based on research from institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and Wharton. Hear unconventional approaches that give you the necessary edge.

Confidential Coaching

Get live, direct coaching within your private and confidential cohort. Experience the power of having accountability and deep questions frame your problems so you discover solutions.

What is Cohort Alpha?

An invitation-only tribe of diverse, high-performers learning the hidden and unspoken pathways to faster career success, lower stress, and higher fulfillment.


Members of Cohort Alpha meet in live, confidential Sessions that have short, research-based content that frames real-world workplace issues.

  • Content based on research provides actionable insights and frameworks

  • Coaching enables new perspectives and change that yields tangible results

  • Community provides support, intel, and accountability.