Unlock Your Employee’s Super Powers

Support Employees Who Care About Your Organization to Thrive

Why Your Employee Sent You Here

You’re probably reading this page because one of your employees has come to you for reimbursement of their membership.
By doing so, they are helping you and the company to achieve one or more of the following:  

Reduce Conflict

Conflict between co-workers may not be visible to you, but it’s there and draining the business.  
However, HR and management are often not trusted enough by employees to resolve the issues.

Increase Productivity

Companies are able to pile an endless amount of work on their employees.
However, even the most talented and motivated may not yet to be super productive.

Increase Retention

Many employees leave too soon out of frustration at work, when with the right content, coaching, and connections, they would have stayed.
Retaining them reduces the costs of lost productivity.

Improve Recruiting

Your employee is participating in a cohort with other talented professionals from fast-growing companies.
They extend your reach, credibility, and vetting process of potential hires.

Do You Want to Support Your Employee?

When your talented employees seek the support of their organizations to strengthen their contribution to the business, how do you respond?



Cost of employee attrition, internal conflicts, and critical "soft" skills

● We don‘t want to equip you to manage and lead in a fast-paced organization
● We do not believe you need a safe and confidential space outside of the company to develop yourself
● This small expense is not worth it to us. We already pay for your EAP.
● Although other companies may support their employees this way, we don't. It's against our policy.



per month

● We fully support you in developing your “soft” skills to navigate our fast-paced, dynamic environment.
● We understand no organization is perfect and navigating “politics” is an important skill
● We recognize that having a safe and confidential space with peers at different companies benefits both of us
● We want to signal to both you and your peers we value employee growth as a company

What is Cohort Alpha?

An invitation-only tribe of diverse, high-performers learning the hidden and unspoken pathways to faster career success, lower stress, and higher fulfillment.


Members of Cohort Alpha meet in live, confidential Sessions that have short, research-based content that frames real-world workplace issues based on The Alpha Framework, a success-model designed for the modern, high-scale company.

  • Research-based, actionable insights, frameworks, and actions

  • Coaching that enables new perspectives and change that yields tangible results

  • Network of high-performers who provide support, intel, and accountability.