Unlocking Value for Enterprises

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    Enterprises have huge opportunities on the blockchain. One of the challenges has been defining the new business model innovations. If businesses are trying to fit blockchain into their existing business model, they will see a mismatch. If they, however, are looking for new sources of revenue or defensibility, then the blockchain emerges as a huge opportunity.Learn more from our newsletter.

  • Development / Engineering

● Solidity smart contract development● Jupyter / python / machinations token engineering / token modeling● Simulations and game-mechanics for token design and economies● Flutter-based mobile development for iOS and Android● Firebase mobile app integration● Dart/Flutter (mobile) integration with Ethereum (EVM) smart contracts● React web applications for full-stack dApp development 

Our specialty is rapid prototyping and knowledge transfer to your team.  

This is in contrast with large "body shops" which can be less agile and have perpetual, long-term engagements.

Our approach includes writing the first smart contracts, integration into your existing systems, scoping and building an MVP web dApp or an MVP wallet or mobile application.

Benefits are high-return, rapid testing and feedback, and lower total costs of ownership.

  • Product Life Cycle

● Scrum● Agile● Regular "demo days" of progress● Rigorous specifications reviews● Stakeholder communications● Open Kanban boards and feedback capture● Release management

Execution through dev and product ops delivers the value from technical capabilities.

Setting up full-visibility systems so your team knows about progress and blockers, while reducing inefficiencies, makes the difference between a sluggish black box to a successful collaboration.
We have both solid internal execution processes and with external communication during the MVP development process.

  • Product Management

● User Research
● UX Design
● UI Wire Framing
● Jobs to be Done
● Feature Prioritization● In-App Messaging● Launch Messaging● Product metrics (e.g. Amplitude)● Bug Capture and Review

When you want to go from business initiative to MVP to product launch, product management augments your existing team, reduces risks, and speeds up ROI.

"What to build" often has more nuances that senior executives don't have time to flesh out. Even great execution with the wrong product can hurt the project.
We prefer to scope down and increase conviction on your MVP than to build lots of features that don't move the needle.
With stakeholder communication and support, we drive the product with external customers and internal resources.

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    Business Support

● Customer data analysis and segmentation● Branding and positioning● Regulatory risk mitigation

For larger engagements, we help bring clarity to your execution on broader market impacts

In some cases, clients want not only tactical execution and well-scoped business impact. They are growing in conviction of strategic nature of web3 and blockchain technology, but still want the nimble and agile working relationships missing in large body-shops and professional services organizations.
We can augment and give high-impact scoping and guidance around these more strategic issues while being cost-effective.



Mobile dApp for Proof of Attendance

Product managed, designed, and built a dApp front end to blockchain contracts that support social networking with game mechanics, such as earning and losing points, minting provable social connections.
Managed iOS release through TestFlight to production release on the AppStore and test release through Google Play (paused production release to Android).
Flutter, Dart, Solidity, and external REST integrations.


Dynamical Token Systems Modeling

Designed and simulated a dynamical token system with different incentive mechanisms for social engagement. Stakeholders included event organizers, event attendees, employers, power users.
Token design principles from stakeholder evaluation, dynamical block diagrams and python or graphical based modeling and simulation.s
Game mechanics, token engineering, python, Jupyter


Data Privacy Tokenization Contracts

The Client wanted to address the range of data-privacy issues emerging on the Internet through a set of contracts to support verifiable credentials, zero-knowledge proof "soul bound" or identity tokens, and integrations from KYC providers to a secure, private public blockchain.
Zero Knowledge Proofs, solidity contracts, integration with KYC, developer-first tooling


Launch ERC-721 Auctions

The Client had a 1,000-piece collection on an NFT.  
The solidity smart contracts included burn/mint functions as well auction functions.  
Open Zeppelin templates for security protections against re-entrancy attacks.
ReactJS front end scaffolding.


Cybersecurity Product: Zero to 7M User Launch

The Client had a range of customers who wanted cybersecurity protections against Layer 7 DDoS: individuals, small businesses, and enterprises.
From User Research, to UX design/wireframing, specification and project management through messaging and launch.
This project illustrated a green-field to full production, global launch working across teams and customer sets.